Recreational Cheerleading

Na Hau'oli Keiki

Na Hau'oli Keiki means "The Happy Children."

'Ohana Athletics is proud to continue a tradition of safety, excellence, and success for the Original Junior Lancer Cheer program, established in 2009.  Junior Lancer Cheer combined with 'Ohana Athletics in 2019 to provide an athletic, no-cut, no-tryout program for 4K - 8th grade girls and boys.  We believe in offering a disciplined program to any athlete that wishes to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and experience cheerleading in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

New for 2021 - with assistance from the United States All Star Federation, we would like to present the All Star FUNdamentals Program to upgrade and elevate the Junior Lancer Cheer program for 2021and beyond. FUNdamentals is an intro course to the exciting world of All Star cheerleading. During this 3 month program, your child will learn the basics of cheerleading including: body positions, jumps, tumbling, stunting, and dance. All while learning the basics, your child will also be learning a FUN routine which will be presented to YOU in a showcase in September! Our Director of Community Relations is actively securing additional opportunities for the team to perform their routine in September and October.

FUNdamentals will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays in June through August from 5 - 6pm. FUNdamentals Performances will be held on Saturdays in September & October.  While we were already excited to start the new season with you, the support we are receiving from the USASF, in combination with this exciting new curriculum, has rendered us speechless in gratitude and joy!

Why FUNdamentals over other introductory youth activities?

All Star offers a unique, well-rounded opportunity not found in other similar entry level youth activities. Competitive Cheerleading is a team activity not an individual intro sport.

Benefits of FUNdamentals and All Star:

FUNdamentals and All Star teaches teamwork, cooperation, working towards a common goal, and socialization with others as integral parts of success and learning, while still developing the individual athlete. Many other youth activities focus on the development of the individual without the opportunity for a focus on the sense of team and comradery built within the group.

Individual achievements gained from All Star:

  • Self Confidence

  • Agility/Athleticism/Fine Motor Skill Development

  • Strength training and development of overall physical condition in a FUN atmosphere. Exercise has never been so FUN!

  • Character development through a special series developed exclusively for FUNdamentals


Why is FUNdamentals so GREAT?

  • Never boring! FUNdamentals is designed in short modules that keep athletes engaged for those budding individuals who want to experience all that All Star has to offer and not spend long periods of time focused on just one aspect of the sport.

  • FUNdamentals incorporates stretching and increased flexibility, stunting, jumping, dance, conditioning and a FUN activity in each class structure.

  • FUNdamentals teaches character development throughout a session long series of FUN activities that encourages the growth of each student’s life skills.

  • Weekly FUN activities are sent home that aid in the development of your student athlete and teach valuable life lessons.

  • FUNdamentals provides a taste of All Star which allows for a short term commitment to evaluate if All Star is right for your child!

  • FUNdamentals provides a routine learned throughout the session which gives athletes the opportunity to perform in a FUN no pressure atmosphere such as a showcase.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We stand ready to continue our tradition of excellence and camaraderie with the Wisconsin Cheerleading Community. If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration is ongoing now!  Click here for online registration form and to reserve your spot for our 2021 Season Virtual Kick-off Zoom.  Contact Us for more information, and to be added to our mailing list!

* Our Competitive Team athletes are invited to attend FUNdamentals at no extra charge!  Our season kicks off June 8th!